My Beautiful Old Reindeer

50/52 - Tilly the Reindeer

Meet Tilly, my beautiful old dog reindeer. Isn’t she adorable. During 2015 we have been doing a photo a week project for a group on flickr, a photo a week of the same dog. I will be making myself a book at the end of the year. The photos so far have all been in Geelong, but I hope to do some in Melbourne, I have two more weeks 🙂

Tilly is a sweet girl, at the start of the year I didn’t have too many photos of her as she wasn’t a fan of the camera. Luckily during the year with lots of treats she is a convert so hangs out for a photo session and a treat. I couldn’t finish the year without a Christmas photo of her. I am one of those people who makes sure their dogs don’t miss out on Christmas day. In their younger days my dogs usually got a softy squeaky toy. These didn’t last long before being de-fluffed and destroyed, but then I discovered Fuzzyard nasties, those flea toys. For whatever reason my dogs decided they will never destroy a Fuzzyard toy so they were my stock standard gift for my dogs for a while. Now I am on the search for special treats, so if you know any super duper dog biscuits let me know.